Ibex Spotting Chamonix

June 4, 2012 12:25 pm

With this Summers trail events coming ever closer and a distinct lack of training so far, we decided last night would be a good time to get back on the trail….Bellachat 2152m was chosen mainly due to the trail starting 2 minutes from the door and a trail we know well. As ever those first climbs are hard work and it takes time to get cadence.

At the top we were greeted by a Classic Chamonix sunset, but the real treat was on the descent. Crossing a fallen tree (result of last months storms) we came face to face with a HUGE Ibex, he regarded us with a little consternation and no fear at all…not surprising when you have horns that big! We were then treated to a display of “this is how you do it” as he lept up a near vertical, wet face of rock to reach some greenary that had obviously caught his eye! Having watched that display of perfect foothold and posture, felt slightly clumsy on the remainder of the descent but very lucky to have met an Ibex on the trail.