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Peak Transfer | Chamonix Moonlight Snowshoe Adventure & Igloo Feast
29th February 2016

Chamonix Moonlight Snowshoe Adventure & Igloo Feast

The Chamonix Valley is a stunning location to snowshoe and what could be better than to strap on some snowshoes and adventure through a winter wonderland… by Moonlight! The Peak Transfer Team, including our newest recruit ‘Jess’ (pictured below) thought we would give it a go and take up Happy Tracks Offer ‘ on their Evening Fondue Snowshoe Adventure to their very own secret Igloo in the mountains.
Peak Transfers Newest Recruit
Snowshoeing has been around for thousands of years and is a great way to really see nature in its purest form at a leisurely pace where you can actually absorb your surroundings. It’s an activity for all ages and ability levels, if you can walk, you can snowshoe.

Follow trails deep into the mountain forests to discover snow covered trees, native birds, animals, tracks and more as your guide provides local knowledge and stories about the area. Happy Tracks welcome everyone from youngsters to your four-legged friends, invite them all!

So our evening started with our lovely International Mountain Leader Anja picking us up from our Peak Transfer Office in Chamonix. We were transported to the middle of nowhere, then given our tools for the evening. Donning our recently acquired snowshoes, head torches, walking/ ski poles, anticipation and morale we set off initially by twilight gradually falling into a night under a canopy of stars.
The Chamonix Valley and Mont Blanc are Stunning by Night
The twilight snowshoe tour began nice and steady whilst we all got used to the duck like gait we seem to have acquired, I couldn’t help but admire the marvelous yet satisfying crunch as the the snowshoes kept us floating on top of the fluffy stuff despite the depth of snow and conditions. Anja led us under the night sky through the alpine wilderness of Chamonix. The climb takes you on a 90-minute escapade through the deserted wooded trails that wind up the majestic mountain. The head torches illuminate your path reflecting the glistening powder snow surrounding you. There were a variety of animals and their tracks to keep an eye out for. On a clear night you can spectate the glow of the prestigious Chamonix Valley villages, towns and chalets. These treks through the mountains feature the International Mountain Leaders knowledge of the area’s natural history and local stories.

Suddenly, there is a spark of light emitted from the fire above and the distinctive smell of Vin Chaud (Mulled Wine) in the air. Here awaits a mesmerizing fire pit, where your warming (and VERY strong) rum laced Vin Chaud awaits you. Embraced in a huddle socialising around the fire warming our hands whilst the delicious hot beverage warms us from the inside. After a while you are informed that dinner is ready and suddenly the entrance to the secret igloo is revealed. We all (including Jess) slid through the snow hole into the impressively carved igloo complete with its very own hand carved ice dining table and seats. Although cosy it was a spectacular feat of engineering by the Happy Tracks team.
Happy Tracks and Peak Transfer Enjoying the Vin Chaud
Once we had made ourselves comfortable the delightful fire warmed Fondu was passed through the igloo entrance and we got to work. It was delicious, the climb up to “igloo” was well worth the effort. Plus dinner tastes so much better when it’s been earned, guilt free fondu… Perfect! We were versed on the Swiss Fondue customs including the very entertaining rule of having a forfeit for losing your food in the fondue pot… I of course ended up doing the forfeit…Twice!

After a delightful dinner in the Igloo with Anja & Raphael we paid our compliments to the chefs and said our goodbyes before making our fondue and vin chaud fulled descent upon the crunch of snow under our feet. As expected the merry descent felt a lot quicker than the up, but I do not know if that was more to do with going downhill or the effect of the vin chaud. Upon returning back to the transport, you’re then chauffeured back to Chamonix or your accommodation ready to rest your weary head and legs. All in all the snowshoeing was an amazing experience for each and every one of us and we would really recommend the experience, dogs can join in on the fun as well! The adventure fills you with a sense of pride, having communed with nature, socialised with friends and strangers as well as learnt a new skill on a rather entertaining novel adventure.
Peak Transfer Enjoy the Delicious Fondue in the Cosy Secret Igloo
This wintery snowshoe adventure is open to all abilities.  You don’t need to have previous snowshoeing experience but you’ll need to be fit enough to walk uphill at a gentle pace.  It’s a great way of exploring the winter scenery, and you’ll be amazed how quickly you can leave the crowds behind and experience Chamonix’s backcountry away from the ski lifts. A nighttime snowshoe tour is a magnificent experience and definitely one to add to the bucket list.

To reserve your Moonlight Snowshoe Adventure & Igloo Feast contact Happy Tracks directly by email or take a look at their website here.

Important Stuff

  • Headlamp is provided for you.
  • What to wear: Dress in layers appropriate for the weather conditions (remember it’s nighttime) including gloves and a warm hat.
  • Warm, waterproof, supportive hiking boots or sturdy winter boots.
  • No experience is necessary.
  • Bring Ski or Hiking Poles (if you have them)
  • Snowshoes can be provided if you don’t have your own.
  • Energy level required: moderate depending on the group. It’s not a race, but a relaxing romp through the woods, allowing you to stop for rests along the way.


  • During the winter, hikes are scheduled for most Wednesday nights (weather permitting) and additional nights during the holidays.
  • Generally up to 10 guests are scheduled per group, that is all that will fit in the igloo comfortably!


Igloo Fondue Evening Snowshoe (with snowshoe rental) –€25

Igloo Fondue Evening Snowshoe (without snowshoe rental) –€20

For last minute bookings call our transfer hotline: +33 (0) 679 851 810