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Peak Transfer were extremely helpful. Always answered the phone, and were great when our plane was delayed.

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Feefo is an industry leading independent review website. All of Peak Transfer customers are sent an email after they have travelled with us giving them the opportunity to review (good & bad) the level of service they received.

The customers responses are posted directly on our website, we have no editorial control over them whatsoever.

The only thing we can do is respond, publicly on the review left, to either apologise when we get it wrong (we do, we are human too!) Or to defend our position if we feel that there are other factors that have not been considered or preferably thank a reviewer for positive feedback.

What this gives you, the customer, is an honest “non-airbrushed” overview of Peak Transfer and the level of service we generally deliver. Allowing you to make an informed choice on the provider of your next airport transfer.

Before you book with a transfer company check if their onsite reviews are independant or ones selected by the company to reflect and image they want to create.

Ask yourself the question: If they don’t have independant reviews, why not?


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For last minute bookings call our transfer hotline: +33 (0) 679 851 810
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