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Peak Transfer | Taking your Dog to the Alps
3rd April 2016

Taking your Dog to the Alps

Never leave your pooch behind!

We all know how important a beloved pooch is to anyone that has a canine companion. Being a quintessential member of the family makes it hard to leave them behind when you go on holiday. But why should we leave them behind? If you’re travelling to the Alps then you don’t have to as there is just as much provision for man’s best friend as the rest of us. We at peak Transfer feel that our pets need (and deserve) a little holiday too from time to time, and the Alps is the perfect destination. Plenty of new walks, smells and friends to discover they are certain to have a fantastic holiday. So here’s our guide on how to bring your canine companion to the Alps.

Peak Transfer dogs enjoying the French Alps

Pet-Friendly Accommodation

The French have a relaxed laissez-faire attitude when it comes to dogs and this is generally included in the acceptance of pets in apartments, hotels and chalet rentals. Obviously some operators and owners may object but you won’t be limited on choice in the Alps. Some chalets, particular;y at the higher end of the spectrum will even arrange the care for your pets whilst you are on the slopes or otherwise engaged.

When searching for your accommodation be sure to check that your pooches are welcome by either selecting the ‘accept pets’ option on search engines. If nothing regarding pets is mentioned on the description then it’s worth contacting the management agency and/ or owner to check… you may be surprised on the outcome! It worth noting that some chalets, hotels and apartments may charge a fee or additional cleaning fee for pets.

Dog Walking Services

Around the Alps and particularly in our home town of Chamonix there are an abundance of professional and more casual dog walking services available should you require them. There may be the odd occasion where you can’t spend the whole day with your pet and need to find alternative arrangements for them during the day. It’s well worth google searching the area you’re staying for these and getting in touch to find our rates and availability as soon as you can to ensure your pooch feels just as pampered as you!

Dogs loving their holiday in the mountains with Peak Transfer

Hiking the Alps with Dogs

Dogs love the alpine air, crystal clear lakes, open pastures and technical mountain trails more than anybody and although there is more than enough terrain for them to explore and cherish it is essential you are aware of the national and local laws in place regarding dogs in the areas you plan to hike. For instance, in France your dog is prohibited from entering any nature reserve. This doesn’t mean you can keep them on a lead and it will be fine… they are banned from stepping foot onto a nature reserve mostly to preserve and protect the native wildlife habitats. If you are caught by a plainclothes police officer with a dog in a nature reserve you can be heavily fined on the spot… and worse!

Some areas may have restrictions that vary depending on the season also. If you are unsure then pop into your local tourist information and get advise on prohibited areas. In general there appear to be no national restrictions in the Swiss and Italian Alps but it goes without saying it is essential to be respectful of nature and wildlife as far as your pets are concerned.If you are planning on using the lifts it’s a very good idea to check if, and which lifts accommodate dogs before you set off.


Restaurants in France are generally dog-friendly and most will not bat an eyelid that you have a dog accompanying the dinner party as long as they are able to sit quietly for that amount of time and are pretty well behaved. Saying that I think restaurateurs always appreciate being asked before hand, this normally is a good idea as they will generally be accommodating when providing a table with plenty of space for your canine to relax.

Peak Transfer recommends Taking your Dog to the Alps

Public Transport

Dogs can normally travel on the buses, but most state that dogs should be on a lead and muzzled. Although we would definitely recommend you always have your dog on a lead, most conductors are lenient when it comes to muzzling your pooch, but they do have the right to refuse if you don’t obey to these conditions of travel. When it comes to trains it is normal procedure to be charged a half fare for your pet across the whole of Europe, again it’s usually requested that dogs are on a lead.

Pet Passport and Travel

If you are travelling abroad, and in this case we are going to assume from the United Kingdom you will require a passport for your pet. Although this may seem rather daunting at first it’s actually quite simple and this new documentation means travelling with your pet abroad is a swifter and easier than ever before without the dreaded quarantine experiences of the past. That way no one has to miss out on the family holiday!

Getting a Pet Passport to take your Pet Abroad is easy

To gain your pet passport your dog will need to be completely up-to-date with its vaccinations, including rabies. Your vet will need to validate this before providing you with your pet’s very own passport. Between 1-4 days before travel you will need to make an appointment with an authorized vet to take a worming tablet. You cannot do this yourself as the authorised vet needs to fill out and stamp this in the passport personally in order for them to be given access to travel abroad. For the latest information regarding travelling with you pet abroad then visit the Government information page here.
*correct at time of writing!

If travelling from the UK to the alps your options of travel are limited to flying, the channel tunnel, or by ferry. Unfortunately, Eurostar do not accept pets on the service. From experience we have always found that the channel tunnel has been the best method of travel with our pets due to the shorter time duration and the fact it allows you to remain with your pet, compared to having to leave your pet alone in the car on the car deck of the ferry.

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